Friday, October 15, 2010

Shopping List of Doom

Just running off a list of things I'd need to cause a ruckus in a pinch. Not a complete list of the goodies I'd have in a fully set up lab, but the core elements I'd need to, given access to the surrounding Technium, start cannibalizing things and making abominations.

In part because it'd be nice to know what to order if I ever find myself somewhere without tools, and in part because it'd be great to have, say, a small suitcase with these items in it.

* Microcontrollers, preferably a nice brick foam stuck full of 'em.
* USB stick with all the OpenSource goodies, including Code::Blocks, Arduino, WinAVR, Processing, etc.
* Arduino or other AVR programmer
* The Warranty Voider (this is a small leatherman multitool with wire strippers)
* Spool of solid-core shielded wire
* spool of magnet wire
* Resistors, 10, 100, 1k, 5k, 10k, at least ten of each
* Capacitors, 100nF, 1uF, 100uF
* Hobby saw
* Soldering iron and solder
* breadboard, and some cards of perfboard.

Any other suggestions?

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